Low Energy, Low Cost Wireless SoCs

Wireless SoCs

Audio SoCs & SW

TWS (True Wireless Stereo)
Conferencing systems
Speakers & Soundbars
Automotive Infotainment
ANC (Active Noise Cancellation)
Internet of Things (IOT)
Smart wearables
Home automation

BMS (Building Management System)

T2M Overview

T2M Semi is the world’s largest independent global semiconductor technology provider, delivering complex System on a Chip, KGD, Software and Disruptive Technologies enabling accelerated product development.

Our range of low cost Wireless System Solutions are empowering products including IoT, Wearables, M2M, RCU, Human Interface Device ( PC Peripherals), Smart Meters, Smart Lighting, Smart Homes, Electronic Self Label ( ESL) , Connected Medical Devices, Smart Toys, Location tracker, Set-Top Boxes etc.

With our mature cost-effective low power platforms SoC we are helping our customers to commercialize their products at increasingly faster speed. Our low power devices , high performance, and low cost allows us to help customers creating differentiated, power-efficient, and inter-operable IoT devices at affordable prices.

T2M semi also provides production chips, supplied for technology transfer as source code and KGD/Die enabling immediate market entry.

T2M Semi’s comprehensive Chip portfolio offers:

  • Wireless Connectivity: BLE 5 / ZigBee 3, Bluetooth, Thread, HomeKit, IPV6, MESH, Wifi N
  • Cellular Connectivity: NB-IOT, GSM, GNSS
  • Bluetooth Dual Mode: Bluetooth 5.2 DM Audio SoC
  • AI: Neural Network Processor Core
  • SW stacks: BLE 5.2, Bluetooth Dual Mode 5.2, MESH, AOA/AOD, Zigbee 3.0, NB-IOT, GSM, 6LOWPAN, IPV6