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T2M Bluetooth Bluetooth IPv6 Protocol Stack SW

Bluetooth IPv6 Protocol Stack SW

Description and Features

Proven IPv6 suite which resides over the Bluetooth Smart or 802.15.4 layers. IPv6 suite has been built grounds up to meet the needs of embedded systems. The IPv6 suite is optimized for Memory and MIPS and implemented in ANSI C to enable portability across processor platforms. The IPv6 Suite also provides clean abstraction layers to enable it to work across Operating Systems and various lower layer implementations of BLE Host stack. Specifically for Bluetooth Smart - The IPv6 Suite supports 6LoBTLE, IPv6, CoAP, UDP and Internet Protocol Support Profile (IPSP). This enables any individual Bluetooth capable device to be wirelessly connected and addressable over the Internet. This capability, together with the low power consumption offered by BLE is ideal for the wireless Internet of Things network.



  • Low Memory Footprint - Less than 15 KB Flash and very low RAM requirement
  • Platform and Operating Systems (OS) agnostic and is designed for Easy Portability
  • 6LoBTLE implementation
  • Bluetooth SIG Qualified implementation of Internet Protocol Support Profile (IPSP)


  • Internet of Things ( IOT)


  • Technical Documentation
  • Source Code with the test environment
  • Integration support