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T2M Applications Disposable medical devices

Disposable medical devices

Description and Features

The Medical devices are categorised to two segments - One monitoring the body vitals and other is Drug delivery. The connected devices offers advantage to both segments. Connected Medical devices offers real time and self aware healthcare with personalised alert, drug delivery and monitoring of vital factors. This make the drug delivery more reliable and effective. The Bluetooth Low energy devices are key to connected health products offering connectivity to the smartphone and to the cloud. This allows patients to take care better about the health vitals and drug delivery.

The common examples where Bluetooth Devices can be used -



Key features:

  • Ultra-Low-Power:
  • Flexible Voltage Supply Range (1.1 and 3.3 V)
  • Ultra-Miniature size
  • BOM saving
    • 32Khz Crystal Optional
    • Embedded RF match circuit to reduce external components
    • Minimal external components
  • Sensor support
    • ADC for battery monitoring
    • Temperature sensor
    • Voltage supervisor, POR, BOR