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T2M Bluetooth LC3 Codec IP

LC3 Codec IP

Description and Features

This LC3 codec was designed as a low complexity communications codec within the Bluetooth LE Audio specification, to deliver high-quality speech and audio streaming, even at low data rates, overcoming essential shortcomings in today’s wireless communication platforms.

A reduction of the required bit rate by roughly 50 percent compared to the legacy SBC codec facilitates low-energy audio services – making it possible either to extend products’ battery life or to create smaller devices.

    LC3 Codec Development Status

  • Participated in the virtual LC3 IOP of HA Working Group in June’20.
  • Inter-oped Fixed point implementation for ARM Cortex-Ax and –Mx processors.
  • One of the few companies to pass all the encoder and decoder test cases for both 10ms and 7.5ms configuration.
  • Objective Difference Grade (ODG) calculated using Passed Perceptual Evaluation of Audio Quality (PEAQ advanced) algorithm and passed for all reference audio tracks from the European Broadcasting Union Sound Quality Assessment Material (EBU SQAM CD).


  • All Sampling Frequencies (8kHz, 16 kHz, 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz)
  • Supports 7.5ms and 10ms frame interval
  • Supports 16, 24 and 32 bits per audio sample
  • For 10ms frame interval, supports 16,000 to 320,000 bits per second per channel, complete range as specified in LC3
  • For 7.5ms frame interval, supports 21,334 to 426,667 bits per second per channel, complete range as specified in LC3
  • Packet Loss Concealment as defined in LC3 specification
  • No restrictions with number of supported channels