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Smart Remote control

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With the widespread of Internet based smart TVs and Over-the-top boxes, smart remote control has become an integral part of the user experience. An advanced smart remote control replaces the traditional IR with RF connections for better range, non-line-of-sight connection, and much higher data rate; the smart remote control allows rich functions and features for not only basic TV/Box operation but also abundance of games, apps, and services. Based on the high performance BLE, RF4CE, or 2.4Ghz series RF SoC, our remote control solution offers multiple benefits including: high level of integration, excellent RF performance, low power consumption, and ultra low BOM component counts.

Complete Spectrum of Solutions

● High end: (BLE SoC + Sensor):Air-Mouse/Gesture + Audio + RF

● Mid end:(BLE SoC):Audio + RF

● Low end: (BLE SoC) : RF + Key only + IR

● Modularized design for all features allowing easy mix and match

Remote Control Audio key word search


● Audio Codec (no need for external audio Codec)
    Support both D-MIC and A-MIC
    No need for external speaker amplifier

● Duplex audio supported on single chip
    Allows for Headphones on RCU with minimal BOM increase

● OTA voice data compression
    MSBC (available in prototype)
    Support for RF4CE and BLE stacks at the same time
- Manual switch mode: Independent application states between RF4CE and BLE

● External triggers such as special key combinations can be used to switch between two protocols

Automatic mode:

● RCU shipped from factory with support for both RF4CE and BLE

● When powered up, RCU automatically searches for either RF4CE STB or BLE STB/TV to pair with

● Once paired the RCU works in the paired mode until factory reset again The Remote control solution can support various peripherals, a selection table is shown as follows. Smart-Remote-control-supplier-in-Taiwan  

Features and Benefits:

  • Supports one-way or both-way voice functions
  • Supports tens of buttons
  • Excellent RF performance
      Key press distance > 30m
    1. Audio distance > 10m
    1. Six-fold anti-interference mechanism: interference avoidance; adaptive frequency hopping; adaptive retransmission mechanism; spread-spectrum modulation; patented frequency backup technology; advanced error correction coding, supports IR remote control and learning.
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Motion control
  • Digital microphone
      High SNR (Signal-to-noise ratio)
      Powerful anti-interference performance
      Good consistency
  • Advanced wireless audio transmission technology
      Adaptive audio compression technology
      Reliable RF link protection: retransmission, error correction code
      Configurable uplink and downlink bit rate for different applications
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