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T2M Modules Bluetooth Enabled Smart Temperature measurement

Bluetooth Enabled Smart Temperature measurement

Description and Features

A wireless temperature monitor that integrates with mobile phone to provide continuous body temperature and movement monitoring. Powered by high accuracy, fast stabilizing sensors it also keep track of social distancing to avoid Covid19 infection. A simple user attachable sensor can continuously monitor the body temperature of the individual quarantined subject. This brings down the already overwhelmed healthcare ecosystem to concentrate only on those individuals with raised temperatures, ensuring medical intervention at a very early onset of symptoms. With a complete do-it yourself model, and little to no intervention of the medical professionals, the SmartTemp+ can be utilized by the consumer to self monitor and also follow the trend of their temperature. < Pre-placed thresholds of temperatures and alerts can inform not just the patient but also provide the authorities in-roads to early intervention.

  • SmartTemp+ - A 3cm diameter device that measures accurate body temperature is stuck to the axial / near chest area of the patient like a sticker. This device is hosted with high accuracy temperature sensor and Bluetooth wireless connectivity that transmits the patient temperature every 5 minutes. The patient in this case can be at home, under isolation or even in his free observation period (anywhere).
  • Mobile Phone / ( a Receiver if in a hospital) – A simple mobile phone with CWD’s application or a specially designed Receiver is connected with the SmartTemp+ device to receive the temperature and upload in the cloud. There is no setup required. This device / application can self scan and connect to the device and keep receiving and uploading the data to the central cloud.
  • Dashboard – A central database and cloud ecosystem will collect all the data and provide the useful data to authorities in any system of preference along with all the historical analysis if needed for any specific patient or the community.
  • It can also measure distance of 7 feet for maintaining social distance in work place or public place or hospital
  • The device monitor proximity which enables detection of similar devices in its proximity and as soon as two or more devices come within proximity, it warns users to maintain distance. This is targeted to maintain safe distance among employees/workers at work or in public place



  • Enables contact less continuous measurement of temperature of the patient
  • Contact less measurement of temperature of the patients
  • Continuous monitoring (24x7) with relevant thresholds and alarms
  • GPS tagging of the patient (if the patient is under quarantine) and Geo Fencing (if needed)
  • Effective dashboard for operational support
  • With a diameter of 3cm, the product is easy to handle and place on the axial of the individual.
  • Appropriate temperature thresholds can be set for any patient and alarms can intimate the healthcare worker with only those patients who now show raise in temperature. A symptom that show cases in 88% of cases as per WHO. This enables early intervention and any appropriate therapy as deemed proper by the medical authorities.