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T2M Bluetooth Commissioning & Provisioning App (Mobile + cloud)

Commissioning & Provisioning App (Mobile + cloud)

Description and Features

One of the major challenges of the Bluetooth wireless lighting industry today is the lack of a truly interoperable, and a generic provisioning and commissioning mobile application. Our Lighting control help you load the map and map the luminaire and load the configuration for each node. These setting later then will be then passed to luminaire by person the the field.Commissioning-and-Provisioning-App-Mobile-cloud-supplier-in-europe 

Our native Android and iOS mobile commissioning and provisioning application for Bluetooth Mesh network allows our customers to provision any luminaire, sensor and gateway that is complaint with Bluetooth Mesh standard. Our application enables building contractors, owners and facility managers to easily add and control lights in a Mesh network. The provisioning application needs to be interoperable, not only with lighting controllers and Bluetooth chipsets from various suppliers, but also have the flexibility to work with any third party BLE Mesh gateway or cloud platform (AWS / Azure / GCP). Our native Android and iOS applications are proven interoperable with lighting controllers, sensor or IoT components, which are complaint with Bluetooth SIG standard Mesh.



Key Features/Advantages of the commissioning and provisioning application are:

  • Comprehensive : Supports Qualified BLE Mesh features and provisioning workflows
  • Scalable : Enables provisioning of hundreds of nodes easily
  • Independent : Supports any third party BLE Mesh gateway and/or cloud platform
  • Interoperable : Proven to be interoperable with leading Bluetooth chipsets and module providers
  • Flexible UI : Allows customized branding and custom provisioning workflows