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T2M Audio TalkTogether™ - AFE for ACM & AVS

TalkTogether™ - AFE for ACM & AVS

Description and Features

TalkTogether™ is an Audio SW provides exceptional barge-in performance, in high-noise environments, significantly improving Wake Word Engine (WWE) and Voice Services performance.

TalkTogether™ works with Google AssistantAlexa Mobile Accessory (AMA) and   Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS). Additional third-party IP can differentiate solutions even more.

TalkTogether™ Audio Front End for Audio/Video Conferencing System Machine (ACM) : Audio/Video conferencing systems, IoT Smart Home interfaces, Local Commands

Audio Playback IP: Volume Management, Bass Enhancement, Flexible IC platform, HiFi, ARM, ADI, Intel, etc


  • Conference room & huddle room speakerphones, USB/BT voice pucks & smart speakers
  • Exceptional doubletalk performance for natural human-to-human communication + new gaming experience
  • Non-stationary noise reduction eliminates keyboard and wrapper crinkling noise
  • Multi-mic support for far-field voice and reverb reduction
  • Volume leveling normalizes loud and quiet talkers
  • TalkTogether™ for just speakerphones or combined with TalkTo™
  • Certifications
  • Audio/Video Conferencing System (ACM) ‘delightful’
  • Teams and Zoom (coming Q1 2021)
  • Technology that out-performs the human ear
  • Improved WWE and Voice Services performance
  • Comprehensive debugging environment to resolve difficult system audio issues in record time
  • Expertise to help you pass Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS) certification
  • DSPC audio-labs available for Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS) benchmarking
  • Voice & Speaker processing on the same processor