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T2M Bluetooth Zephyr RTOS Designed for High Performing, Low Energy IoT Applications

Zephyr RTOS Designed for High Performing, Low Energy IoT Applications

Description and Features

Zephyr Project has gained traction as a fast-growing open source RTOS. Its strength lies in a design that embodies everything developers need to build robust applications for IoT use cases, including a file system, wireless stacks, drivers, key security features, and long-term support firmware. Zephyr’s highly configurable software stack and rich connectivity also reduces RAM footprint and power consumption while supporting all the layers of the Bluetooth® LE 5.0 standard from the radio hardware up through the standard Generic Access Profile (GAP) and Generic Attribute Profiles (GATT).

Because the Zephyr RTOS is designed for high-performing, low-energy IoT applications, it is a natural fit for Telink’s portfolio of products that are built for a smarter IoT. That is why our SOC  is integrated into the Zephyr build system. What is more, we will soon release an SDK on the Zephyr Project’s open source repo that supports the development of applications for Zephyr across multiple protocols, including Bluetooth LE 5.0, Bluetooth Mesh, and OpenThread.


  • Open source
  • Modular
  • Highly configurable
  • Secure
  • Product-ready
  • Typical Applications
  • Connected Sensors
  • Wearables
  • Wireless Gateways