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T2M Audio TalkTo™ - FarField Voice Control

TalkTo™ - FarField Voice Control

Description and Features

TalkTo™ is an audio SW, provides exceptional barge-in performance, in high-noise environments, significantly improving Wake Word Engine (WWE) and Voice Services performance. TalkTo™ Mono, stereo, and multichannel playback Proprietary Adaptive Interference Canceller (AIC).

Integrated inside TalkTo™ is Adaptive interference canceller(AIC), Acoustic Echo Canceller(AEC), multi-channel speaker noise and open wake word API, and significantly exceeds Google ART requirements.

TalkTo™ is a suite of proprietary Machine Learning & Microphone Processing algorithms that delivers a quiet-room experience in the noisy & unpredictable spaces of everyday life.

Multichannel Acoustic Eco canceler (AEC) (N-channel) 360-degree operation Linux, Android, & RTOS Wake-word & Ecosystem independent Unequaled far-field performance passes Google AssistantAlexa Mobile Accessory (AMA) and  Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS) 2.1 Premium Test . Reports are available under NDA.

This software is used in millions of devices in the consumer, mobile and automotive industry.

  • Integrate or Create advanced audio features
  • Realtime Interface for design and debug
  • Open APIs for external tools and scripting
  • Includes Native Target with AWE Core for Windows
  • AWE Core All-in-one Audio Processing Engine
  • Reconfigurable Audio-Pipeline
  • 400+ Audio Building-blocks
  • Processor & OS Agnostic
  • Open APIs & Extensible with 3rd party building-blocks
  • Technology that out-performs the human ear
  • Improved WWE and Voice Services performance
  • Comprehensive debugging environment to resolve difficult system audio issues in record time
  • Expertise to help you pass Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS) certification
  • DSPC audio-labs available for Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS) benchmarking
  • Voice & Speaker processing on the same processor