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T2M GNSS Ultra-low power RF Transceiver

GNSS Ultra-low power RF Transceiver

Description and Features

The 5186GB is a very low-cost, low power consumption and industry’s mostly integrated simultaneous dual-channel GNSS receiver covering both GPS L1 and Beidou B1 or Glonass G1 bands on a single-chip. With proprietary integration technology, external component count is kept at minimum. The integrated fractional-N frequency synthesizer allows programming of IF frequency within ±10Hz accuracy. The integrated ADC outputs provide data for the GNSS core signal processing within the baseband and is programmed between 2-bit and 4-bit. 5186GB is a package of 4mmX4mm 24-pin QFN.  



Key features:

  • High performance RFIC receiver fully integrated with on-chip LNA, VCO, fractional-N PLL synthesizer and loop filter
  • Supporting both 26MHz and 16.368M cellular reference clock
  • Supporting both 3V and 1.8V power supply
  • When power supply is 3V, the interface with baseband can be programmed between 1.8V and 3V
  • Standard 2-bit/4-bit ADC data outputs for DSP in baseband
  • Programmable ADC sampling clock for different goals
  • 2dB or less RF system noise figure
  • High integration with few off-chip BOM and low cost
  • Temperature from –40o to 85o range


  • Smart Phone
  • PNDs (Personal Navigation Devices)
  • Location-Enabled MID
  • PMPs (Personal Media Players)
  • Automobile Navigation Systems
  • GPS tracking systems
  • Software GPS
  • iPad like Mobile PCs

RF Features:

  • small 4mmx4mm 24-pin QFN RoHS-compliant package
  • Silicon CMOS process with 1.8V/3V operation