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T2M Applications Bluetooth SIG MESH enabled Smart Lighting

Bluetooth SIG MESH enabled Smart Lighting

Description and Features

Today's lighting are not just about lighting, but creating a user experience with many effects that was not available with traditional lights. The connectivity solutions that include Bluetooth mesh, Zigbee and Thread have introduced new use-case to the design of lighting systems both within enterprise, industry and in the home. Lighting as a platform for sensor networks is an idea taking shape within this industry. We provides a number of technology options for addressing smart lighting needs, including Zigbee Light Link solution, Bluetooth Low Energy solution, and 2.4Ghz proprietary solution.

Wireless smart lighting refers to the dynamic control of lighting devices using distributed sensors, wireless/remote control systems to achieve energy saving, high efficiency, and more convenient usage. Smart lighting is an integral part of the smart home, smart office, and smart city evolution, it offers the following advantages compared to traditional lighting systems:

● Up to 90% more efficient

● Great for the environment – less energy, fewer bulbs, less harmful materials

● Beautiful, customizable light that improves the user experience

The wireless smart lighting solution allows the customers to easily implement the following features:

● On/Off Control

● Dimming and color space (Luminance / Saturation, RGB) control

● Grouping control

● Scene mode Control

● Timer or Sensor integration

● Control Bridge

● Mesh networks

● Power consumption profiling



Key features:

  • Use more RF data channels in addition to advertising channels, more immunity to interference and BLE device crowded environment
  • Same hardware for Homekit support
  • HomeKit BLE SDK: Fast and convenient HomeKit solution development
  • Any mesh nodes can be turned into a HomeKit/Mesh gateway
  • Control the nodes in mesh simply by Siri/Google assistant