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Wireless Lighting Solution

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The Smart lighting industry is undergoing a radical shift with the advent of Bluetooth SIG defined standard Mesh communication protocol. Although ZigBee and proprietary Bluetooth mesh protocols have significant adoption, the standard BLE Mesh is being widely adopted, thus revolutionizing the connected lighting industry. T2M has been one of the few companies with expertise in both Bluetooth as well as IoT technologies. We offer our unique metal-to-cloud solution for the smart lighting industry. The Bluetooth wireless lighting ecosystem has Four main components
    Bluetooth SIG Certified BLE Mesh
    Commissioning and provisioning application
    Multiprotocol IoT gateways that interfaces to third party BMS (Building Management Systems) / Cloud
    Cloud platform integration and advanced analytics
Our native Android and iOS mobile commissioning and provisioning application for Bluetooth Mesh network allows our customers to provision any luminaire, sensor and gateway that is complaint with Bluetooth Mesh standard. Our application enables building contractors, owners and the facility managers to easily add and control lights in a Mesh network.   Our multi-protocol IoT gateway is a feature-rich firmware, which supports multiple industrial protocols such as OPC/UA, Modbus and BACnet to enable upstream connectivity with on premise or cloud-based IoT servers or Building Management Systems. Our BLE Mesh gateway architecture is designed for portability across multiple platforms with support for Bluetooth v4.x or v5.x specifications. T2M  has deep expertise in digital transformation providing extensive solutions to customers for either transforming their current landscape or building cloud native solutions. From cloud advisory to cloud build, from cloud migration to next generation enterprise cloud governance, T2M can be your anchor partner. T2M also offers solutions to complex data analytics problems to provide actionable insights. Our diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytical capabilities, helps organizations deliver targeted digital solutions and gain full value from digital transformation. We leverage these capabilities to provide bespoke solutions to customer in the Smart Lighting segment on a cloud platform of their choice. In addition, customers can also choose to license our Gladius Building Management System to interface it to our edge gateway or any other third-party gateway of their choice.   Wireless-Lighting-Solution-supplier-in-canada

Key features:

  • Comprehensive : Supports Qualified BLE Mesh features and provisioning workflows
  • Scalable : Enables provisioning of hundreds of nodes easily
  • Independent : Supports any third party BLE Mesh gateway and/or cloud platform
  • Interoperable : Proven to be interoperable with leading Bluetooth chipsets and module providers
  • Flexible UI : Allows customized branding and custom provisioning workflows
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