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Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1 MESH SoC

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The Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.1 MESH chip with internal Flash and audio support combines the features and functions needed for all 2.4GHz IoT standards. It supports multiple standards including Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.1 with up to 8 antenna indoor positioning support, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Mesh standards. The embedded FLASH enables dynamic stack and profile configuration, and the final end product functionality is configurable via software, providing ultimate flexibility. The SoC also has hardware OTA upgrades support and multiple boot switching, allowing convenient product feature roll outs and upgrades. The MESH SoC supports single-channel analog mic or dual-channel digital microphone, and stereo audio output with enhanced voice performance for voice search and other such applications. The MESH SoC have passed ETSI EN 300 328 and EN 300 440 Class 2 (Europe), FCC CFR47 Part 15 (US) and ARIB STD-T66 (Japan) certification. Bluetooth-Low-Energy-5.1-MESH-SoC-supplier-in-europe

Key features:

  • 32bit, 48Mhz MCU
  • Memory:
      512kB Flash
      64kB on-chip SRAM / 32kB retention
  • RF transceiver:
      Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.1 Compliant, 1Mbps, 2Mbps, Long Range 125kbps and 500kbps
  • Rx Sensitivity:
      -96.5dBm@ Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 1Mbps
      -100dBm@ IEEE802.15.4 250kbps
      -94dBm @ Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 2Mbps mode
      Tx output power: up to +10dBm
  • Power management:
      1.8V~3.6V with Battery monitor for low battery voltage detection, USB 4.5~5.5V
  • Power performance:
      RX: 5.3mA with DCDC, 10mA with LDO
      TX: 4.8mA @ 0dBm with DCDC,9.5 with LDO
      Deep Sleep with SRAM retention ~0.4uA
  • Digital and Analog interfaces:
      Up to 32GPIOs
      DMIC (Digital Mic), Dual AMIC (Analog Mic)
      I2S, Stereo Audio output
      SPI, I2C, USB, Swire
      UART with hardware flow control and 7816 protocol support
      Up to 6 channels of differential PWM
      IR transmitter with DMA
      14-bit 10-channel ( Only GPIO input) SAR ADC, Temperature sensor
  • Hardware OTA upgrade and multiple boot switch, allowing convenient product feature roll outs and upgrades
  • Package 48-pin TQFN 7x7x0.75mm, -40 – to – 85C


  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart Home devices
  • Building Automation
  • Smart Grid
  • Health Care
  • Sports and fitness tracking
  • Wearable devices
  • Remote Controls
  • Wireless toys
  • Intelligent Logistics/Transportation/City
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Industrial Control
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