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Ultra Low Cost Nordic Compliant 2.4Ghz SoC

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The RoHS-compliant  series with internal Flash is dedicated to 2.4 GHz RF System-On-Chip solution, such as wireless mouse and wireless USB dongle. This SoC  has hardware OTA upgrades support, allowing convenient product feature roll outs and upgrades.   The SoC  also includes a full range of on-chip peripherals for interfacing with external components such as LEDs, sensors, keyboards, and motors. This makes it an ideal single-chip solution for HID (Human Interface Devices) application. The SOC integrates a power-balanced 32-bit MCU, 2.4 GHz Radio, 32 KB (16K+16K) SRAM, 128 KB internal Flash, 14-bit ADC, 6-channel PWM (1-channel IR/IR FIFO/IR DMA FIFO), one quadrature decoder (QDEC), abundant and flexible GPIO interfaces, and nearly all the peripherals needed for 2.4 GHz RF System-On-Chip application development. The SoC also includes multi-stage power management design allowing ultra-low power operation and making it the ideal candidate for power-constraint applications. With the high integration level of 8355, few external components are needed to satisfy customers’ ultra low cost requirements. Ultra-Low-Cost-Nordic-Compliant-2.4Ghz-SoC-provider-in-Europe    

Key features:

  • 32bit, 48Mhz MCU
  • Memory:
      512kB Flash
      48kB on-chip SRAM / 32kB retention
  • RF transceiver:
      2.4Ghz RF transceiver in ISM band
      1. 2.4GHz proprietary (Nordic Compatible) 1Mbps/2Mbps/250kbps/500kbps mode with Adaptive Frequency Hopping feature
      1. Support flexible GFSK/FSK modulation index configuration
      Support 1-N receiver capability
  • Rx Sensitivity:
      -94dBm@ 2Mbps
      RSSI monitoring with+/-1dB resolution
      50 tm Ω matched single-pin antenna input
  • Tx output power: up to +10dBm
      Auto acknowledgement, retransmission and flow control
  • Power management:
      1.8V~3.6V with Battery monitor for low battery voltage detection and Brownout detection/shutoff and Power-On-Reset
  • Power performance:
      RX mode: 9.1mA with LDO
      Tx mode: -9.5mA @0dBm with LDO
      Deep sleep with external wakeup: 0.6umA
  • Digital and Analog interfaces:
      Up to 32/17/2 GPIOs depending on package option
      SPI, I2C, USB, Swire, UART with hardware flow control
      Up to 6 channels of differential PWM
      IR transmitter with DMA
      14-bit ADC, 10-channel (only GPIO input)
      4-channel PGA
  • RTC and other timers
      Clock source of 24Mhz&32.786kHz Crystal and 32kHz/24Mhz embedded RC oscillator
      Three general 32bit timers with four selectable modes in active mode
  • Hardware OTA upgrade and multiple boot switch, allowing convenient product feature roll outs and upgrades


  • Package:
      Many option available
  • Operating temperature:
      -40℃~+85℃ (ET versions)


  • Retail/Logistics
  • Private network
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Beacon
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